VBScript InputBox

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Syntax[edit | edit source]

  • InputBox(prompt[, title][, default][, xpos][, ypos][, helpfile, context])

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Argument Detail
prompt Text to display above the input field (usually an instruction as to what is required form the user).
title Caption displayed in the titlebar of the input box.
default A placeholder for the text field, used as the return value if the user doesn't overwrite.
xpos Horizontal distance in twips to display input box from the left edge of the screen.
ypos Vertical distance in twips to display input box from the top edge of the screen.
helpfile A string to determine the help file to be used in order to provide contextual help with the input box.
context If the helpfile argument is supplied, a context number must also be supplied to identify the appropriate help topic in the help file.

Remarks[edit | edit source]

1All arguments except prompt are optional.

2helpfile and context are coupled - if one is supplied, the other must also be supplied.

Use InputBox to assign user input to a string[edit | edit source]

' Omitting the 4th and 5th argument ("xpos" and "ypos") will result in the prompt
' being display center of the parent screen

exampleString = InputBox("What is your name?", "Name Check", "Jon Skeet", 2500, 2000)

WScript.Echo "Your name is " & exampleString