Scala While Loops

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Syntax[edit | edit source]

  • while (boolean_expression) { block_expression }
  • do { block_expression } while (boolean_expression)

Parameters[edit | edit source]

Parameter Details
boolean_expression Any expression that will evaluate to true or false.
block_expression Any expression or set of expressions that will be evaluated if the boolean_expression evaluates to true.

Remarks[edit | edit source]

The primary difference between while and do-while loops is whether they execute the block_expression before they check to see if they should loop.

Because while and do-while loops rely on an expression to evaluate to false to terminate, they often require mutable state to be declared outside the loop and then modified inside the loop.

Do-While Loops[edit | edit source]

var line = 0
var maximum_lines = 5

do {
  line = line + 1
  println("Line number: " + line)
} while (line < maximum_lines)

The do/while loop is infrequently used in functional programming, but can be used to work around the lack of support for the break/continue construct, as seen in other languages:

if(initial_condition) do if(filter) {
} while(continuation_condition)

While Loops[edit | edit source]

var line = 0
var maximum_lines = 5

while (line < maximum_lines) {
  line = line + 1
  println("Line number: " + line)

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