Manim Installation

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Manim Installation on MAC OS[edit | edit source]

Install Cairo

brew install cairo

Install ffmpeg:

brew install ffmpeg

To install LaTeX:

Note that MacTeX will require at least 4.5GB of hard disk space. This is due to the fact that it installs every LaTeX add-on package offered by CTAN. Only a few of these packages are required by Manim. If you would like a smaller LaTeX install which only contains the packages needed by Manim alone, consider installing BasicTeX with the instructions below. This will require only about 1.5GB of space. If you have installed MacTeX and are comfortable with it, do not install BasicTeX.

brew install --cask mactex

(Alternative) To install BasicTeX:

brew install --cask basictex

Check whether tlmgr is installed[edit | edit source]

reboot might be necessary

tlmgr --version

Now update tlmgr

sudo tlmgr update --self

Finally, run

sudo tlmgr install standalone preview doublestroke relsize fundus-calligra \
wasysym physics dvisvgm rsfs wasy cm-super

Certifying a clean install[edit | edit source]

ffmpeg -version

latex -version

Install Manim:[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to install manim on Anaconda Environment

pip install manim
pip3 install manim