Liferay Introduction

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Remarks[edit | edit source]

Liferay Portal CE is a portal software built in Java by Liferay Inc.

Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is a platform built on top of Liferay Portal for digital solutions, integrating customer and user satisfaction analysis tools and Enterprise-grade quality performances and tooling. It was known as formerly known as Liferay Portal EE.

Since version 7.0 it is built using OSGi through Apache Felix.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Version Code name Release type Release Date
7.0.1 GA2 Wilberforce Community Edition 2016-06-10
7.0.10 Wilberforce Digital Experience Platform 2016-05-04
7.0.0 GA1 Wilberforce Community Edition 2016-03-31
6.2.3 GA4 Newton Community Edition 2015-04-17
6.2.2 GA3 Newton Community Edition 2015-01-15
6.2.1 GA2 Newton Community Edition 2014-02-28
6.2.10 GA1 Newton Enterprise Edition 2013-12-03
6.2.0 GA1 Newton Community Edition 2013-11-01
6.1.2 GA3 Paton Community Edition 2013-08-23
6.1.30 GA3 Paton Enterprise Edition 2013-08-16
6.1.1 GA2 Paton Community Edition 2012-07-31
6.1.20 GA2 Paton Enterprise Edition 2012-07-31
6.1.10 GA1 Paton Enterprise Edition 2012-02-15
6.1.0 GA1 Paton Community Edition 2012-01-01
6.0.12 SP2 Bunyan Enterprise Edition 2011-11-07
6.0.6 Bunyan Community Edition 2011-03-04
6.0.11 SP1 Bunyan Enterprise Edition 2011-01-13
5.2 SP5 Augustine Enterprise Edition 2010-10-20
6.0.10 Bunyan Enterprise Edition 2010-09-10
6.0.5 Bunyan Community Edition 2010-08-16
6.0.4 Bunyan Community Edition 2010-07-23
6.0.3 Bunyan Community Edition 2010-07-20
6.0.2 Bunyan Community Edition 2010-06-08
5.2 SP4 Augustine Enterprise Edition 2010-05-19
6.0.1 Bunyan Community Edition 2010-04-20
5.1 SP5 Calvin Enterprise Edition 2010-03-12
6.0.0 Bunyan Community Edition 2010-03-04
5.2 SP3 Augustine Enterprise Edition 2010-01-07
5.2 SP2 Augustine Enterprise Edition 2009-11-17
5.1 SP4 Calvin Enterprise Edition 2009-10-23
5.2 SP1 Augustine Enterprise Edition 2009-08-07
5.1 SP3 Calvin Enterprise Edition 2009-07-20
5.2 Augustine Enterprise Edition 2009-06-01
5.2.3 Augustine Community Edition 2009-05-12
5.1 SP2 Calvin Enterprise Edition 2009-05-12
5.2.2 Augustine Community Edition 2009-02-26
5.1 SP1 Calvin Enterprise Edition 2009-02-18
5.2.1 Augustine Community Edition 2009-02-03
5.2.0 Augustine Community Edition 2009-01-26
5.1 SP Calvin Enterprise Edition 2008-12-16
5.1.2 Calvin Community Edition 2008-10-03
5.1.1 Calvin Community Edition 2008-08-11
5.1.0 Calvin Community Edition 2008-07-17
5.0.1 RC Luther Community Edition 2008-04-14
5.0.0 RC Luther Community Edition 2008-04-09

A basic installation for development and tests[edit | edit source]

Running the latest Liferay CE is straightforward:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a bundle among the ones listed. For beginners, the Tomcat bundle is a good choice. Click in "Download."

Where to choose a bundle.

  • Unzip the download package whenever you find fit. The unzipped directory will be the LIFERAY_HOME directory.
  • To start Liferay, just run the script LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-x.xx.xx/bin/; only on Windows environments run the script LIFERAY_HOME\tomcat-x.xx.xx\bin\startup.bat.
  • By default, once Liferay is up, a browser will open its local URL (http://localhost:8080/).
  • To log in, use the email, and the password test.
  • To stop Liferay, just run the script LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-x.xx.xx/bin/; only on Windows environments run the script LIFERAY_HOME\tomcat-x.xx.xx\bin\shutdown.bat.

With these steps, you will have Liferay up and running in a "demo" mode. Liferay will use an Hypersonic DB by default, but it is unfit for production. Also, is an administrator account with a default password, so it should be changed eventually. Yet, these steps are good to get some idea on how Liferay looks like and works.