Jscoverage Cheat Sheet

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Here is the cheatsheat of Jscoverage and basic guide on how to use Jscoverage

Install[edit | edit source]

Install via npm[edit | edit source]

npm install --save-dev jscoverage

Ignore output[edit | edit source]

echo coverage.html >> .gitignore

package.json[edit | edit source]

The coverage task injects your source files (lib) with jscoverage hooks, runs mocha -R html-cov, then restores later. {: .-setup}

/* directory */
"coverage": "mv lib lib~; (jscoverage lib~ lib; mocha -R html-cov > coverage.html); rm -rf lib; mv lib~ lib"

{: .-hard-wrap}

/* single file */
"coverage": "(cp index.js index.js~; jscoverage index.js; mv index-cov.js index.js; mocha -R html-cov > coverage.html); mv index.js~ index.js"

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Run[edit | edit source]

npm run coverage
open coverage.html

Caveats[edit | edit source]

If you’re using jsdom, be sure to expose the window._$jscoverage variable into the global scope.