Docker Cheat Sheet

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Here is the cheatsheat of Docker and basic guide on how to use Docker

Manage images[edit | edit source]

docker build[edit | edit source]

docker build [options] .
  -t "app/container_name"    # name
  --build-arg APP_HOME=$APP_HOME    # Set build-time variables

Create an image from a Dockerfile.

docker run[edit | edit source]

docker run [options] IMAGE
  # see `docker create` for options

Example[edit | edit source]

$ docker run -it debian:buster /bin/bash

Run a command in an image.

Manage containers[edit | edit source]

docker create[edit | edit source]

docker create [options] IMAGE
  -a, --attach               # attach stdout/err
  -i, --interactive          # attach stdin (interactive)
  -t, --tty                  # pseudo-tty
      --name NAME            # name your image
  -p, --publish 5000:5000    # port map (host:container)
      --expose 5432          # expose a port to linked containers
  -P, --publish-all          # publish all ports
      --link container:alias # linking
  -v, --volume `pwd`:/app    # mount (absolute paths needed)
  -e, --env NAME=hello       # env vars

Example[edit | edit source]

$ docker create --name app_redis_1 \
  --expose 6379 \

Create a container from an image.

docker exec[edit | edit source]

docker exec [options] CONTAINER COMMAND
  -d, --detach        # run in background
  -i, --interactive   # stdin
  -t, --tty           # interactive

Example[edit | edit source]

$ docker exec app_web_1 tail logs/development.log
$ docker exec -t -i app_web_1 rails c

Run commands in a container.

docker start[edit | edit source]

docker start [options] CONTAINER
  -a, --attach        # attach stdout/err
  -i, --interactive   # attach stdin

docker stop [options] CONTAINER

Start/stop a container.

docker ps[edit | edit source]

$ docker ps
$ docker ps -a
$ docker kill $ID

Manage containers using ps/kill.

docker logs[edit | edit source]

$ docker logs $ID
$ docker logs $ID 2>&1 | less
$ docker logs -f $ID # Follow log output

See what’s being logged in an container.

Images[edit | edit source]

docker images[edit | edit source]

$ docker images
  ubuntu       12.10      b750fe78269d
  me/myapp     latest     7b2431a8d968
$ docker images -a   # also show intermediate

Manages images.

docker rmi[edit | edit source]

docker rmi b750fe78269d

Deletes images.

Clean up[edit | edit source]

Clean all[edit | edit source]

docker system prune

Cleans up dangling images, containers, volumes, and networks (ie, not associated with a container)

docker system prune -a

Additionally remove any stopped containers and all unused images (not just dangling images)

Containers[edit | edit source]

# Stop all running containers
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)

# Delete stopped containers
docker container prune

Images[edit | edit source]

docker image prune [-a]

Delete all the images

Volumes[edit | edit source]

docker volume prune

Delete all the volumes

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