Deployment of Symfony2

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Steps to move Symfony 2 project to hosting manually[edit | edit source]

It depends on kind of hosting that you have:

If you have SSH console, then you can do it on hosting after step 2, if you haven't then do it locally: run command

php app/console cache:clear --env=prod'.

Suppose you have on you hosting folders youdomain/public_html, so in public_html must be located all web files. So you must upload all from Symfony project (folders: app, src, vendors, bin; files: deps, deps.lock), except for folder web in folder youdomain. Everything from folder web upload to folder public_html.

Check CHMOD for folders app/cache and app/logs, there should be write access.

If there is no file .htaccess in public_html, then create it and add such code in it:

Now you should use instead of, that you use locally. If a site still did not works, you can open file web/config.php and find a code where a check for IP performs, you find there only IP Add your current IP to this list and upload new config on the server. Then you can open path yourdomain/config.php and check what's wrong. If config.php shows that everything ok, but it still didn't work, you can enable app_dev.php to debug: open app/app_dev.php and your IP the same way as in config.php. Now you can run scripts as locally using app_dev.php.