Bolt Cheat Sheet

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Here is the cheatsheat of Bolt and basic guide on how to use Bolt

Install Bolt[edit | edit source]

# On MacOS
brew cask install puppetlabs/puppet/puppet-bolt
# On Windows
choco install puppet-bolt

Bolt is available as a package for most platforms. See installing bolt

Create a module with a task[edit | edit source]

mkdir -p ~/.puppetlabs/bolt/modules/mymodule/tasks
cp ~/.puppetlabs/bolt/modules/mymodule/tasks/

Tasks can be written in any language your targets can run. See writing tasks for more details.

Run Bolt[edit | edit source]

bolt task run mymodule::myscript -n, --private-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa-private

See bolt task run --help for more information and command line options.