Awscli Cheat Sheet

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Here is the cheatsheat of Awscli and basic guide on how to use Awscli

EC2[edit | edit source]

aws ec2 describe-instances
aws ec2 start-instances --instance-ids i-12345678c
aws ec2 terminate-instances --instance-ids i-12345678c

S3[edit | edit source]

aws s3 ls s3://mybucket
aws s3 rm s3://mybucket/folder --recursive
aws s3 cp myfolder s3://mybucket/folder --recursive
aws s3 sync myfolder s3://mybucket/folder --exclude *.tmp

ECS[edit | edit source]

aws ecs create-cluster

aws ecs create-service

Homebrew[edit | edit source]

brew install awscli
aws configure

Configuration profiles[edit | edit source]

aws configure --profile project1
aws configure --profile project2

Elastic Beanstalk[edit | edit source]

Configuration[edit | edit source]

  • .elasticbeanstalk/config.yml - application config
  • .elasticbeanstalk/dev-env.env.yml - environment config
eb config


ebextensions[edit | edit source]

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