Getting started with system-verilog

Installation or Setup

In order to compile and run SystemVerilog code a tool called a simulator is needed. Most commonly, commercial tools from one of the Big Three EDA companies is used:

  • Cadence Incisive
  • Mentor Graphics QuestaSim
  • Synopsys VCS

Other EDA vendors also provide simulators:

  • Aldec Riviera-PRO
  • Xilinx Vivado

Free and open source tools also exist, that support different subsets of the LRM:

  • Verilator

Hello world

// File ''

// Top module that gets instantiated automatically when simulation is started
module test;

  // Thread gets started at the beginning of the simulation
  initial begin

    // Call to system task to print output in simulator console
    $display("Hello world!");


Running in Cadence Incisive: