Getting started with selenium-ide

Setup for selenium IDE in Firefox.

Installation :

  • Open Firefox on menu and select Add-ons

enter image description here

  • Search for selenium IDE

  • Install selenium IDE Add-on in firefox.

  • Restart the Firefox.

  • If the selenium IDE is installed successfully then you can see the icon on top of the browser enter image description here

  • By clicking on this icon, you can launch the selenium IDE.

Recording and Executing a script

  • After launching the IDE, Click on record button to record a script. enter image description here

How to export the testcase as Java class from selenium IDE

Lets take fb login as testcase,will see how to capture and export as JAVA class

  • Click on the selenium IDE icon on top right corner of your browser
  • Enter the url
  • Click on Record button , as shown in the screenshot enter image description here
  • Export the usecase as java file enter image description here
  • Save the file in you local machine with .java extension
  • Open that file it will looks like this: enter image description here
  • Now you can import this file into any IDE
  • Assume that we are going to user eclispe,create a new package com.example.tests
  • Just copy this file and paste there
  • Add the required jar files (Selenium jar + TesgNG jar)

Now you are ready to run the test.