Getting started with python-sphinx

Installation or Setup

Since Sphinx is available on the Python Package Index, it can be installed using pip:

pip install Sphinx

or you can also install using easy_install

easy_install -U sphinx

Then you can check that it has been correctly installed by executing the following command:

> sphinx-quickstart --version
Sphinx v1.4.1

Before proceeding ahead you need to follow certain code style for python PEP 8. If you have followed PEP 8 guideline then you can define document structure in sphinx and start building your documentation.

Quick Start

To get started go to root of project directory and run :

$ sphinx-quickstart

You will get options to create documentation for your project. For default setup follow below commands:

Prompt    Choice
> Root path for the documentation [.]:    <ENTER>
> Separate source and build directories (y/N) [n]:    y
> Name prefix for templates and static dir [_]:    <ENTER>
> Project name:    an_example_pypi_project
> Author name(s):    Andrew Carter
> Project version:    0.0.1
> Project release [0.0.1]:    <ENTER>
> Source file suffix [.rst]:    <ENTER>
> Name of your master document (without suffix) [index]:    <ENTER>
> autodoc: automatically insert docstrings from modules (y/N) [n]:    y
> doctest: automatically test code snippets in doctest blocks (y/N) [n]:    n
> intersphinx: link between Sphinx documentation of different projects (y/N) [n]:    y
> todo: write “todo” entries that can be shown or hidden on build (y/N) [n]:    n
> coverage: checks for documentation coverage (y/N) [n]:    n
> pngmath: include math, rendered as PNG images (y/N) [n]:    n
> jsmath: include math, rendered in the browser by JSMath (y/N) [n]:    n
> ifconfig: conditional inclusion of content based on config values (y/N) [n]:    y
> Create Makefile? (Y/n) [y]:    n
> Create Windows command file? (Y/n) [y]:    n

Upon successful execution you may discover file in your doc/source directory of your project. This file has control to basic structure of how your document will generate when you run build command as below

$ sphinx-build -b html sourcedir builddir

Detailed instructions are avilable at :