Getting started with prestashop-1.6

Installation or Setup

Detailed instructions on getting prestashop-1.6 set up or installed.

  1. Start by downloading the zip-file from
  2. In the zip-folder you’ll find a folder called prestashop and an html-file with an installation guide
  3. Put the contents of the folder prestashop into the location where you’d like to install your store.
  4. Go to the location of the store in your browser, this will lead you to the installation page /install.
  5. This page contains a wizard where you are asked to fill out details like: login, type of store and store name.
  6. Finally, you are asked to connect to a database. Make a MySQL database on your machine through (phpmyadmin). You can make a test connection on the PrestaShop-wizard page. Once connected you can start the intallation of you PrestaShop-store.

After the installation is completed, the location of the admin-environment is given, this might look something like admin529ghs11k. It is not possible to access the admin-environment if you haven’t deleted the install folder. The install folder should be deleted for security reasons.