Getting started with pentaho

Installation or Setup of Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Data Integration comes in two varieties:

  • Community Edition (CE) - Free version for developers
  • Enterprise Edition (EE) - Paid version for enterprise use

Installation steps:

  1. You can download Pentaho Data Integration Community Edition from

    For the Enterprise Edition : Download a 30-Day Trial

  2. Prerequisites - PDI V7 requires the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 8.

  3. PDI does not require installation. Simply unpack the zip file into a folder of your choice. On Unix-like operating systems, you may need to make the shell scripts executable by using the chmod command:

    cd data-integration
    chmod +x *.sh
  4. Running: PDI comes with a graphical user interface called Spoon_,_ command-line scripts (Kitchen, Pan) to execute transformations and jobs, and other utilities.