Getting started with minecraft

Installing Minecraft

  1. Buy Minecraft from here

  2. Create a Mojang account or sign in if you already have one.

  3. If you created a new account, verify your email.

  4. Fill in your Payment Details. Make sure your on and you’re on a secure connection (HTTPS)

  5. Download and Run Minecraft

  6. Open the Minecraft launcher

  7. Log in with your email address if you purchased Minecraft after November 2012, or migrated your username to a Mojang account.

    Log in with your username if you have an older Minecraft account, and have not yet migrated to the new account format. You can migrate to a Mojang account from the Mojang accounts page.

  8. Click on “Play” if you want to play on the newest version.

  9. Enjoy the game.