Getting started with lodash


Lodash works equally well on both servers (like node.js) and browsers.

node.js with npm

Download with npm from the CLI:

npm install lodash

Then in your node scripts:

var _ = require("lodash");

// use lodash in your program...

Download own copy for clientside in website (ie. in the browser)

  1. Download lodash or use a package manager like npm, jspm or bower.
  2. Include the script reference in your page with <script src="lodash.js"></script>. (Fix the path if it’s not in same directory as the webpage.)

Use lodash in a browser from a CDN

Go to a CDN site and select the version you want to use. Copy the link and use it for the script reference in your page.

<script src=""></script>

4.13.1 is current version at time of writing