Equivalents of AngularJS bindings

Not everything in AngularJS has a KnockoutJS equivalent (for example ngCloack, or ngSrc). There are two main solutions typically available:

  1. Use the generic attr or event binding instead.
  2. Similar to custom directives in AngularJS, you can write your own custom binding handler if you need something that isn’t included in the base library.

If you prefer the AngularJS binding syntax you can consider using Knockout.Punches which enables handlebar-style binding.


AngularJS code for dynamically showing/hiding an element:

<p ng-show="SomeScopeProperty">This is conditionally shown.</p>

KnockoutJS equivalent:

<p data-bind="visible: SomeScopeObservable">This is conditionally shown.</p>

ngBind (curly markup)

AngularJS code for rendering plain text:

<p>{{ ScopePropertyX }} and {{ ScopePropertyY }}</p>

KnockoutJS equivalent:

  <!-- ko text: ScopeObservableX --><!-- /ko --> 
  <!-- ko text: ScopeObservableY --><!-- /ko --> 


  <span data-bind="text: ScopeObservableX"></span> 
  <span data-bind="text: ScopeObservableY"></span>

ngModel on input[type=text]

AngularJS code for two-way binding on a text input:

<input ng-model="ScopePropertyX" type="text" />

KnockoutJS equivalent:

<input data-bind="textInput: ScopeObservableX" type="text" />


There is no direct equivalent binding in KnockoutJS. However, since hiding is just the opposite of showing, we can just invert the example for Knockout’s ngShow equivalent.

<p ng-hide="SomeScopeProperty">This is conditionally shown.</p>

KnockoutJS equivalent:

<p data-bind="visible: !SomeScopeObservable()">This is conditionally hidden.</p>

The above KnockoutJS example assumes SomeScopeObservable is an observable, and because we use it in an expression (because of the ! operator in front of it) we cannot omit the () at the end.


AngularJS code for dynamic classes:

<p ng-class="{ highlighted: scopeVariableX, 'has-error': scopeVariableY }">Text.</p>

KnockoutJS equivalent:

<p data-bind="css: { highlighted: scopeObservableX, 'has-error': scopeObservableY }">Text.</p>