Getting started with fusioncharts


How to get FusionCharts:

  • Download from the FusionCharts official website

  • Install via npm:

    Install fusioncharts package

    npm install fusioncharts

    Install fusionmaps package

    npm install fusionmaps

  • Install via bower:

    Install fusioncharts package

    bower install fusioncharts

    Install fusionmaps package

    bower install fusionmaps

The resources listed below include step-by-step guides on installing and creating charts using FusionCharts as well as information on customizing the functionality and cosmetics of your charts.

Charts, Widgets and Maps

FusionCharts Suite XT is a comprehensive, JavaScript charting library that includes more than 90 charts and 1150 maps. All these charts and maps are distributed as 4 different packages that are named as:

  • FusionCharts XT
  • FusionWidgets XT
  • PowerCharts XT
  • FusionMaps XT

Details of each of these packages are given below.

FusionCharts XT

It includes all the general purpose charts—from basic charts like bar, column, area, line and stacked charts, to advanced charts like combination, scroll, Marimekko, XY plot, and zoom line charts.

View live examples of the charts included in FusionCharts XT

FusionWidgets XT

It includes a wide variety of gauges and charts like the angular gauge, the linear gauge, the bulb gauge, the Gantt chart, pyramid and funnel charts, word-sized charts, and real-time charts. These gauges and charts can be used to represent KPIs and real-time data on dashboards, monitors, and in reports.

View live examples of the charts and gauges in FusionWidgets XT

PowerCharts XT

It includes advanced charts like the tree-map chart, the heat map chart, the candlestick chart, the drag-node chart, spline charts, error charts, and visually editable or selectable charts. These charts can be used for domain-specific usage like performance analysis, financial planning, and plotting hierarchical structures.

View live examples of the charts include in PowerCharts XT

FusionMaps XT

It includes over 1150 interactive maps for all continents and major countries. These maps can be used to plot geographical data as well as create markers to pinpoint exact locations .

View live examples of the maps included in FusionMaps XT

The list below includes links for the lists of all charts and maps in FusionCharts Suite XT (along with their JavaScript aliases) as well as a link to the FusionCharts fiddle gallery that includes samples of these charts and maps along with their source code.