Parameter Definition
-h, –help output usage information
-V, –version output the version number
-e, –ejs add pjs (Embedded JavaScript) templating engine support (defaults to jade, which has been renamed to Pug)
–hbs add handlebars templating engine support
-H, –hogan add hogan.js engine support
–git add .gitignore
-f, –force force on non-empty directory
-c <engine>, –css <engine> add stylesheet <engine> support (less, stylus ,compass, sass) (default is css)

Express generator is a great tool for getting a project up and rolling quickly. Once you understand the organization it implements, it’s a real time saver.

Installing Express Generator

npm --install express-generator -g

Creating an App

express my-app

Start App

Using start option

npm start

Using Nodemon


Using forever

forever start 'js file name'

To stop in forever

forever stop ''js file name'

To restart in forever

forever restart 'js filename'

List the server ruuning using forever

forever list