woocommerce Tutorial

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WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for the [WordPress CMS][3]. It is the most popular eCommerce software on the internet, used to power [about 39%][4] of all eCommerce websites at time of writing. It’s greatest strength is it’s ease of use for shop owners and high flexibility for developers allowing it to be moulded to suit a large variety of online stores. Most of the flexibility of WooCommerce comes from extensive use of the WordPress [action and filter][9] system and it’s own [template system][10] which allows templates to be overridden in theme code.

WooCommerce is mostly developed by [Automattic][5].


WooCommerce is open source software. You can contribute by making pull requests at it’s [github repository][6]. Find out how to contribute [here][7].


The official [WooCommerce documentation][8] contains documentation for shop keepers administrating a WooCommerce powered website and developers who work with WooCommerce.

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