visual-foxpro Tutorial

Foxpro was created in early 80’s (originally as FoxBase - 1984?) by Fox software and supported on Mac OS, Unix, DOS, Windows platforms. It was known as the fastest database engine on PCs then. Later on 1992, unfortunately, it was acquired by Microsoft. After Microsoft’s taking over, in 1994 Foxpro for DOS (FPD) and Foxpro for Windows (FPW) 2.6 released. At the end of 1995, Foxpro got the name “Visual” and the platform support was only limited to windows. It was also the first version of Foxpro where the language turned out to be Object Oriented.

Microsoft’s official Visual Foxpro (commonly referred as just VFP) site describes it as:

Microsoft® Visual FoxPro® database development system is a powerful tool for quickly creating high-performance desktop, rich client, distributed client, client/server, and Web database applications.

Although it is an old language, it is still considered to be the easiest language for creating a data centric application rapidly for the windows desktop. If what you need is to create a data based application for windows desktop then choosing VFP you would really do that easily and fast.