sql-azure Tutorial

Windows Azure SQL Database is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering of Microsoft’s SQL Server. Paas is different from physical or virtual machine instances of SQL Server. Those other options would be referred to as infrastructure. If those virtual machine instances of SQL server are hosted by a cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure, then those infrastructure offerings become known as Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

PaaS options would be attractive to businesses who do not have the resources (time, money, or people) to manage a large infrastructure. PaaS offerings eliminate the capital expenditures associated with on-premise infrastructure. They also minimize the operating expenses associated with infrastructure or IaaS, since the maintenance costs of Patching and upgrading your SQL Server instances is taken care of for you. Even backups and high-availability options are enabled with the push of a button if desired.

There are still some operating expenses associated with Paas. Above the actual fees charged for Windows Azure SQL Database, companies can still benefit from the Database Administrator’s (DBA’s) skillset. Index maintenance, complex High Availability (HA) or Disaster Recovery (DR) plans can still benefit from DBA oversight.