QTP Tutorial

QTP is an acronym for QuickTest Professional, an automated testing tool originally developed by Mercury Interactive, who were acquired by HP in 2006. The tool is primarily designed for the automation of functional and/or regression testing, although it can be used in any scenario where GUI automation is required. QTP works against a variety of Windows operating systems, and can interact with a variety of Windows and Web based applications.

QTP has two operating modes, Record/Playback and Expert Mode. In the first, the user records the actions the browser is to repeat. In the second, the user defines the process start to finish directly in code. The first method is very limited in terms of producing complex automation scripts, so the second method is preferred.

QTP can operate against multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

As of version 11.5, QTP was supplied packaged with HP’s ServiceTest API to form Unified Functional Tester (UFT).

QTP’s main scripting language is VBScript coupled with an object repository to identify the GUI artifacts with which it interacts.