MongoDB Tutorial

  • Data in the world started to grow tremendously after mobile application came in the market. This huge amount of data became almost impossible to handle with traditional relational database - SQL. NoSQL databases are introduced to handle those data where much more flexibility came like variable number of columns for each data.
  • MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL databases. Each collection contains a number of JSON documents. Any data model that can be expressed in a JSON document can be easily stored in MongoDB.
  • MongoDB is a server-client database. Server usually runs with the binary file mongod and client runs with mongo.
  • There is no join operation in MongoDB prior to v.3.2, for various philosophical and pragmatic reasons. But Mongo shell supports javascript, so if $lookup is not available, one can simulate join operations on documents in javascript before inserting.
  • To run an instance in production environment, it’s strongly advised to follow the Operations Checklist.