imagemagick Tutorial

ImageMagick is an open-source suite of tools for processing almost any raster (and some vector) image formats using either a command line interface or language bindings in an assortment of languages. Over 200 image formats are supported using any of over 20 languages. ImageMagick runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and others.

The current version is 7.x and has been out since 2011. This release series includes many new features and is a major overhaul of ImageMagick. While much of the functionality works as before, some bits are not are not completely backwards compliant with the 6.x series. As a result many distributions still default to the much older 6.x series of releases so that scrips don’t break. If just getting started, using 7.x is higly recomended. Most existing tutorials and scripts will work, but a number of things will work more intuitivly, faster, and generally better.