haxe Tutorial

Haxe is an open source toolkit that is capable of compiling to many different target languages and platforms.

It consists of:

  • the Haxe programming language - a modern, high-level, and strictly typed programming language
  • the Haxe standard library - a collection of general purpose, system, and target-specific APIs
  • the Haxe compiler - a fast, optimising cross-compiler with metadata support, dead code elimination (DCE), completion mode, resource embedding, runtime type information (RTTI), static analyzer, macros, and more

Haxe has been used to create games, web, mobile, desktop, and command-line applications, as well as cross-platform APIs.

As of Haxe 3.3.0-rc.1, Haxe can compile to sources / bytecode of the following languages: ActionScript 3, C#, C++, Flash, HL, Lua, Java, JavaScript, Neko, PHP, and Python.

Haxe has a package manager, Haxelib, which is bundled with Haxe. It also has a custom build file format, .hxml, which offers an easier way of passing arguments passed to the Haxe compiler.