gradle Tutorial

Gradle is an open-source, general-purpose build tool. It is popular in the Java community and is the preferred build tool for Android.

Highlighted Gradle features

  • Declarative build scripts are code written in Groovy or Kotlin.
  • Lots of core and community plugins which use a flexible, convention-based approach
  • Incremental builds such that tasks whose dependencies who haven’t changed aren’t rerun.
  • Built-in dependency resolution for Maven and Ivy. Contributed plugins provide dependency resolution from other repositories such as npm.
  • First-class multi-project builds.
  • Integration with other build tools like Maven, Ant and others.
  • Build Scans that increase developers’ the ability to collaborate on and optimize Gradle builds.

More information

If you want to learn more about Gradle features can look at the Overview part of the Gradle User Guide.

If you want to try Gradle can check out the guides here. You can walk through a Java quickstart guide, learn how use Gradle for the first time, and migrate from another build tool.