azure-webjobs Tutorial

Azure WebJobs provide an easy way to run scripts or programs as background processes in the context of an App Service web app, API app, or mobile app. You can upload and run an executable file such as:

  • .cmd, .bat, .exe (using Windows cmd)
  • .ps1 (using PowerShell)
  • .sh (using bash)
  • .php (using [PHP][3])
  • .py (using [Python][4])
  • .js (using [Node.js][5])
  • .jar (using [Java][6])

These programs run as WebJobs on a schedule (cron) or continuously.

You can use the [WebJobs SDK][7] is to simplify the code you write for common tasks that a WebJob can perform, such as image processing, queue processing, RSS aggregation, file maintenance, and sending emails. The WebJobs SDK has built-in features for working with Azure Storage and [Service Bus][8], for scheduling tasks and handling errors, and for many other common scenarios.

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