Reference Links

The following links contain useful introductions, tutorials and references for DICOM questions:

DICOM Standard References

  • DICOM Standard - - This link contains the current, official documents. They can be downloaded or read online as web pages.
  • DICOM Browser - - This link is a useful website for browsing the various DICOM information objects.

DICOM Tutorials

  • DICOM Tutorial - - Multi-chapter tutorial covering some of the most common DICOM questions.
  • DICOM User Group -!forum/comp.protocols.dicom - Active user group for DICOM related questions and discussions.

DICOM Toolkits

  • DCM4CHEE - - Open Source Java DICOM toolkit.
  • DCMTK - - C++ DICOM toolkit.
  • Grassroots DICOM - - C++ with various bindings DICOM toolkit.
  • Merge - - Commercial DICOM toolkit in multiple languages.
  • Pixelmed Publishing - - Open Source Java DICOM toolkit.
  • Pydicom - - Python modules for handling dicom files and network protocols