Getting started with debian

Installation and Setup

Description of the installation process :

Each architecture has his own installation guide :

Download an iso image of the Debian distribution (stable release):

Use the graphical installer :

Debian testing:

Debian testing is the current development state of the next stable Debian distribution


The ISOs images can be downloaded from the official website : Debian-testing ISOs



The term used in Debian Policy for the main, contrib, and non-free divisions.


The type of system a piece of software is built for.

Such as amd64, i386, armel, s390x, powerpc, armhf, mips, AArch64, POWER.

Binary package

An installable .deb file

Source package

A unit of upstream software (with a single build system)


A repository holding one particular “branch” of Debian’s development process.

Such as unstable, testing, stable, oldstable.