Getting started with cassandra

Installation or Setup

Single node Installation

  1. Pre-install NodeJS, Python and Java
  2. Select your installation document based on your platform
  3. Download Cassandra binaries from
  4. Untar the downloaded file to <installation location>
  5. Start the cassandra using <installation location>/bin/cassandra OR start Cassandra as a service - [sudo] service cassandra start
  6. Check whether cassandra is up and running using <installation location>/bin/nodetool status.


  1. On Windows environment run cassandra.bat file to start Cassandra server and cqlsh.bat to open CQL client terminal to execute CQL commands.

There are two ways that installation for a Single Node can be carried out.

You should have Oracle Java 8 or OpenJDk 8 (preferred for Cassandra versions > 3.0)

1. Installing a Debian package (installs Cassandra as a service)

Add the Cassandra version to the repository (replace the 22x with your own version for example for 2.7 use 27x)

echo "deb-src 22x main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cassandra.sources.list
# Update the repository  
sudo apt-get update
# Then install it
sudo apt-get install cassandra cassandra-tools

Now Cassandra can be started and stopped using:

sudo service cassandra start
sudo service cassandra stop

Check the status using:

nodetool status

Logs and Data directories are /var/log/cassandra and /var/lib/cassandra respectively.

2. Installing any version of Cassandra in form of binary tarball (installs Cassandra as a standalone process)

Download the Datastax version:

curl -L | tar xz

Or Apache Cassandra binary tarball manually (from the site

Now untar this:

tar -xvzf dsc-cassandra-version_number-bin.tar.gz

Change the directory to install location:

cd install_location

Start Cassandra using:

sudo sh ./bin/cassandra 

Stop using:

sudo kill -9 pid


./bin/nodetool status

And viola, you have a single-node test cluster for Cassandra. So just use cqlsh in the terminal for Cassandra shell.

Configuration of Cassandra can be done in cassandra.yaml in conf folder in install_location.

Multi node installation

Multi DC Cluster Installation