Android Studio updates

Updating Android Studio in Ubuntu

If you are able to download an update of Android Studio, but after it restarts nothing happens, check out the following example:

  1. After the patch was downloaded and Android Studio closed, open the terminal
  2. Go to your android studio folder, e.g. cd ~/android-studio
  3. Go to bin subfolder: cd bin
  4. Make sure your file has run permissions: chmod +x
  5. Run Android Studio from here: ./

After that Android Studio will find the patch and install it. Then you may close Android Studio and run it the regular way (whatever way you prefer, I run it from Launcher pad).

Android Studio update channels


Android Studio’s built-in update mechanism can be set to receive updates through any one of these four channels:

  • Canary: Bleeding edge, released about weekly. These are early previews released in order to obtain real-world feedback during development. The canary channel will always have the latest build, including updates to beta or stable releases. We recommend running canary builds side-by-side with a beta or stable installation.
  • Dev: Canary builds after a full round of internal testing get promoted into the Dev Channel.
  • Beta: Release candidates based on stable canary builds, released and updated to obtain feedback prior to the stable release. The beta channel will be updated with new stable builds until a new canary build goes to beta.
  • Stable: The official stable release, as available from the Android Developer site.

Download the full installations of the build offered in each of these channels: Canary, Dev, Beta, Stable.

Alternatively, you can build it yourself, following the instructions in Build Overview.

Selecting an Update Channel

To select the update channel for an Android Studio installation go through:

File > Settings > System Settings > Updates

and choose the appropriate channel on which to check for updates:

enter image description here

When an update is available, you’ll be prompted by the IDE: enter image description here

Selecting update will display the update information dialog with details information on the patch available, its size and its channel:

enter image description here