Getting started with akka

Installation or Setup

  1. Install JDK 8 (Windows, Linux) and set the path (Windows).
  2. Install Scala (Linux), For Windows visit download and install binary distribution, set the environment variable for scala in PATH which is in \scala\bin.
  3. Installing Typesafe activator (It contains Scala, Akka, Play, SBT) + project scaffolding and templates. For quick start download the mini-package.
  4. Extract the Typesafe activator and set the PATH to activator-x.x.xx-minimal\bin (It includes the bash and bat scripts to run the activator).
  5. Time to create a sample project and import into your favorite IDE.

  • Type activator new in cmd/terminal.

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  1. Download distribution of Akka from

  2. Unzip in any directory. (Example - /home/USERNAME/tools/akka-2.0) You would like to have Akka installed.

  3. Set the AKKA_HOME

  4. For Linux.

    # First got to the installed location
    cd /home/USERNAME/tools/akka-2.0
    # Export the location as AKKA_HOME
    export AKKA_HOME=`pwd`
    # Check if PATH is Exported.    
    echo $AKKA_HOME
  5. For Windows

    # First got to the installed location        
    C:\USERNAME\akka> cd akka-2.0
    # Set the location as AKKA_HOME
    C:\USERNAME\akka\akka-2.0> set AKKA_HOME=%cd%
    # Check if PATH is Exported. 
    C:\USERNAME\akka\akka\akka-2.0> echo %AKKA_HOME%